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THE STORY OF A PHOTO | Armine & Adnan
Armine and Adnan are getting ready for their big day. The moments before the wedding ceremony are palpable; rich and full of love, anticipation, and wonder. They haven’t seen each other all done up yet. There’s, undoubtedly, nothing sweeter than the moment a groom sees his wife-to-be on their wedding day. Some couples prefer it happen before the ceremony when they can sneak away and share that special moment by themselves. Others prefer the anxious excitement and butterflies that they get when they stick with tradition and see each other for the first time at the altar. These lovebirds selected the latest of these two… but, hold on a second, how are the pre-ceremony photographs going to be taken then? Lumen Wedding Photo Agency’s team has a successful solution to any situation, thus we followed the couple’s decision and managed to take pre-ceremony photographs of the bride and the groom without actually letting them see each other. Now we are more than thrilled to share with you the process and the results of our extraordinary solution. While watching, just imagine how much the hearts of the couple must have been racing. And also keep in mind that as soon as the shutter clicks, we will create a picture worth a thousand words.

So what did Armine and Adnan feel while taking this picture?

Armine : "When Arthur suggested we take a few photos together on the balcony with our eyes closed, there were butterflies in my stomach… Would Adnan open his eyes as he came down to my room?  Would I? Would we keep our commitment to not see other until the ceremony? As my bridesmaids led me with my eyes closed to the balcony, I heard Adnan’s voice and the butterflies went away and I was overcome with joy and happiness… it all felt a little mischievous and playful, even though I knew neither of us was going to take a sneak peak. As we felt through the air to find each other’s hands, I knew at that moment, with eyes open or eyes closed, come what may, we would always find each other and be happy together forever… "

Adnan: "When I was first told that I should go down to have pictures taken with Armine, with our eyes closed, I felt a mixture of excitement and anxiety. I was excited to go downstairs and be part of my wife's wedding preparations, which, until that moment, my groomsmen and I could only listen to from my room. I was anxious because I was going to have to do it with my eyes closed. That meant that I would have to trust others to lead me, and I do not trust other people easily. I was also anxious because going downstairs also represented being one step closer to getting married. I love Armine from the bottom of my heart, and I am the happiest man alive to have married her. But, in those moments, I felt anxiety of entering a new phase in my life, and that anxiety was brought to full force when I was asked to go downstairs. However, when I came out on the balcony, and I could hear Armine's voice, my anxiety subsided. I was at peace again, excited to hold my future wife's hand and to be next to her. And I could not wait for the pictures to be taken and the procession to move to Zvartnots."


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Adorable wedding photo session with retro Ford Mustang

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